1. Goal:
    1. Our goal is to unite the members, help each other, and improve together.
    2. Increase communication, establish social network.
    3. Bring out the Northeastern culture.
    4. Reveal business opportunities.
  2. Membership qualifications:
    1. Studied, lived, or worked in Northeastern China
    2. Love Northeastern China
    3. Agrees with our goal
    4. Actively involved in NECAC events
  3. Membership fee and registration:
    1. Single membership fee: $10
    2. Family membership fee: $20
    3. NECAC will register every member and record in the contact log for members
    4. All donations are welcomed and needed; will be used for non-profit events hosted by NECAC
  4. Rights as members of NECAC
    1. Have rights to join any events hosted by NECAC
    2. Members have priority and discounts for any events hosted by NECAC
    3. Have rights to be suggested and became one of the board members of NECAC
    4. Have rights to make suggestions and advises for NECAC
    5. Have rights to obtain the contact log for members
    6. Have rights to provide support for NECAC
  5. Member obligation:
    1. Pay membership fees
    2. Provide personal information
    3. Maintain and treasure the fame of NECAC
    4. Actively involved in the events hosted by NECAC
  6. Board:
    1. Board members are the essential members of NECAC
    2. Board candidates should be registered members of NECAC
    3. Legal board members should not exceed 35 people
    4. Board candidates have to be suggested by more than one board members; discussed in board meetings; and voted by more than half of the board members to join.
  7. Board fee:
    1. Board members need to pay board fee of $100
    2. Board annual fee is $30; must be paid in the first meeting of the year
    3. If the board annual fee is unpaid for the year, will be treated as “automatically quit the board”
  8. Board attendance:
    1. Board will have scheduled and unscheduled meetings to discuss all matters related to NECAC
    2. Board will hold four scheduled meetings, on the 4th Friday of every season. The date is subjected to change upon notices.
    3. Three continuous absences will be treated as “automatically quit the board”
    4. Board member is responsible to inform NECAC executive and board members if he/she needs to leave Vancouver for any family or work issues.
  9. Board rights:
    1. Can join the NECAC executive elections
    2. Attend social events as NECAC board members
    3. Supervise executives on the duties
    4. Discuss and decide schedule of NECAC
  10. Board obligations:
    1. Pay board fee on time
    2. Organize and attend the events hosted by NECAC
    3. NECAC remain the rights to temporary or permanently remove anyone from the board if agreed by more than 50% of the board members